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Natalie in the German magazine Reisemagazine. Underground Music Concert: In the entertainment capital of the world even the subway musicians are pro..." Read it in German here. Read a rough English translation here.

"...somewhere between Carole King and Sheryl Crow. Her voice is really damn powerful. I'm sure there's a musical term for the going up and down lots and lots between octaves, but I don't know it - anyway, that's what she does. Her guitar skills are classic busker fare. I'm not sure what it is about buskers that makes their guitar playing so powerful, but Gelman really maximizes the sound her guitar makes, and follows it with her wandering-soul vocals." -

"Between the endless Peruvian flute bands and that one lady with the melodica who keeps popping up on our N train, it can be pretty hard to find enjoyable, original music in the city's subway. But if you look hard enough, you'll find an act like Natalie Gelman. The native West Villager has been performing underground for almost nine years now, a gig that's helped her find fans, a record deal and nationwide tours." - Gothamist Interview -  Jaya Saxena

Unplugged, Uncensored, An Unbelievably Good Time
“Gelman’s voice filled Stadium to the brim. It stopped students entering in their tracks and has them second guessing their need for a Dairy Queen fix. They stayed to hear Gelman pour her soul into the microphone. The first song opened as homage to the life of a street musician. As she belted out the final lyrics, the lights from UT’s soccer field were seen through the window, and were blown out like the flame from a candle, adding a ceremonious feel fit to end the evening.”

Natalie in the Rochester Metromix. Read it online here.

Article in the Arcadia University Buillitin. "Natalie was the surprise hit of the evening."
Article Correction: The song Poor Man's House is by Patty Griffin but I am a huge fan of hers and that song has made quite an impact on my life.

The Songwriters Hall of Fame featured "Never Had You" on their New Writers Showcase CD Volume 7.

The MCLA Beacon reviews Natalie's concert! Read it online here.

Review of Natalie's debut album at Ravenheart Music. Read it online: click here

Natalie in Dagbladet Newspaper in Norway — Kjersti Flaa and Sveinung Uddu Ystad To read the article click here.

NY Times Front Page! Seeking Fame Underground. — Corey Kilgannon
Natalie Gelman, a singer and songwriter was among those trying out for a spot as an official subway musician. Read it online here.

Shot at Transit Glory - Buskers Audition For Subway Idol — Patrick Gallahue
4 our of 4 stars! "Simply Terrific" "Description: Sheryl Crow plus Carole King"

Subway Musicians Audition -AM New York Read it online here.

Audition Day Music Under New York - New York Daily News — Robert Sabo Watch the video online.

Short Bio

 Singer / songwriter Natalie Gelman is quickly gaining acclaim and recognition for her music. Her passionate songs and voice have brought comparisons to Sheryl Crow, Tori Amos and Jewel. Upon releasing her debut album Natalie rollerbladed 1500 miles up the East coast from Miami, FL to NYC raising money for charity in concerts along the way. Currently the NYC native is touring the country in support of her album as well as performing in the NYC subway. As a street performer she has been featured on the front page of the NY Times and in numerous papers, magazines and TV shows across the globe.

Full Bio

 Singer / songwriter Natalie Gelman is quickly gaining acclaim and recognition for her music. Her passionate music is a means to articulate her response to current affairs as well as reveal parts of her inner self with the world.

Utilizing her music training and inspiration from greats like Sheryl Crow, Janis Joplin and Jewel, Natalie captures audiences with her acoustic rock music. she has already lent her talents to audiences across the United States, in Austria, and in the Caribbean. Natalie’s Caribbean performance of “Take Me Home” received a standing ovation of over 1,200 people. Able to reach out and pull audiences into her world through her voice, her fans just keep growing.

Admiring music from a young age, Natalie’s passion and persistence led to admission into the prestigious Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and the Performing Arts, the acclaimed FAME school. There, she received classical training in opera singing from coaches of the Juilliard School and the NYC Opera. After securing her second solo at Carnegie Hall, Natalie began strumming her guitar and writing lyrics, pursuing what would soon become her vitality.

Committed to her music, Natalie graduated from the University of Miami with a b.a. in vocal performance. Having studied the violin, piano and voice from age five, it was at a performance in Miami that Natalie solidified her commitment to becoming a singer / songwriter on the guitar.

After graduating, Natalie embarked upon what would be one of the most daring and innovative tours known in the music world. Vowing to complete an entire 1500 mile tour from Miami, Florida to New York City on rollerblades, Natalie performed in venues along the way, selling her self-titled debut album and donating the proceeds to Children International. Communities stood at attention as the artist bladed through their towns. Natalie was hit by cars twice during the tour, the first crash taking place on the first day. Regardless of this “roadblock” Natalie continued on, sacrificing her aches and pains for anxious fans that anticipated her arrival as well as the children that would benefit from her tour. Keeping a blog along the way, the singer / songwriter accounted her experiences of rollerblading through tropical storms for hours, reaching top speeds of 24 miles per hour on her blades, and running for eight miles through a Virginian county that told her rollerblading was banned. On July 17th 2006, Natalie successfully completed her tour.

Natalie took a break from rollerblading after her self-propelled tour up the east coast and the New York City native is currently performing across the country, promoting her music. Natalie plans to get back into the studio to release her next album of original music in early 2009. You can listen to her try out new songs live on Justin.TV, watch videos on Youtube or find her singing often in the NYC Subway or at a live show! A favorite NYC Subway performer Natalie has been featured on the front page of the NY Times and in The New York Post giving her 4 out of 4 stars and saying “Simply Terrific.” Be sure to check out this rising indie star.

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