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Behind a Mic - Natalie's Blog

Top 10 Fans of 2015! 

It really does take a village to keep this show on the road and I have so many people I am grateful for that helped me a ton in 2015! The theme for my Top Fans of 2015 is centered around the European tour as you’ll see below! 
And, if our paths crossed at all this past year, or ever really, know that I am grateful. It’s hard for me to remember everyone (I am terrible with names) so there were quite a few people and moments I thought of that didn’t make it on here. 
1. Len Fischer – Weather you’re…

Read more

European Tour Recap! The Trip In...

Weeks: 10
Total Concerts: 29
House Concerts: 7
Countries: 8 (England, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Holland)
Currencies: 3 (Euros, Pounds and Krone)
Beds: 26
Couches: 7
Planes: 8
Trains: 68
Rental Cars: 2 (In France and Germany)
Ubers: 8
Miles (as the crow flies - this is a really low estimate): 17,077
Kilometers: 27,483
Visas: 2
Cities and Towns visited: 34
Luggage broken: 1
BBC interviews: 2
Sofar Secret Shows: 2 (Sofar Sheffield and Sofar Winchester)
Film Festivals: 2 (Cannes Film Festival and…Read more

Top 10 fans of 2014!!!

I’m so grateful for all the awesome fans and friends that cheer me and spread my music every day! I decided a few weeks ago to put together a top 10 list of my biggest supporters in 2014. 
You are ALL awesome but these folks went above and beyond the call of duty. I just wanted to send some kudos and love back at ya!
1. Kevin – for attended the most shows in 2014! In the most states!! And taking photos for me to share with everyone who cant make it!
2. Len – recording all the shows at my Deer Lodge Monday…Read more

My 5 minute, no equipment, no gym, no excuses workout

Have you walked past a sorry looking hotel gym right after you check in thinking how great it would be to make it in there during your stay? 

You get to your room, unload your stuff, turn on the TV, open the HBO guide to see if there's a movie starting in the next 5 minutes… there never is.
You could go workout, but somewhere in the middle of settling in you realize there is no way you’re going to make it back to that hotel gym.
Working out by yourself in an empty gym while you’re in full view behind floor…Read more

10 Great Tips to Stay Healthy on the Road…

Being on tour is usually seen by those who haven’t done it before as a glamorous and exciting adventure. I get asked a lot where by tour bus is (it isn’t) and where my entourage are (they aren’t)… 

I’m here to tell you that touring and road tripping can be a LOTS of fun but you don’t want to get burnt out physically and mentally just a day or two into your trip. Here’s a little list of my tips for staying healthy and enjoying your whole journey.
1. Pack Light - Put everything you want to bring together and…Read more

Things I overheard at Sundance 2014...

There's something to be said for stuffing 50,000 people into a city made for 10,000. Spending time in the bitter cold, oxygen thin, times square like glow of Main street would normally get to you after a few days. But not when you're at the Sundance Film Festival. The energy of Sundance always inspires me... kicking me into the new year with creativity and motivating me to push myself and my art harder then the year before.

It's been 5 years since I've attended my first Sundance and I've gone back ever year…Read more

It's Resolutions time!

...actually it's been resolutions time for quite a few days now but I'm generally late to the party, if I even find out there's a party so I'm working on my resolutions this weekend - a very rare weekend off from playing shows and driving all over this fabulous country. 

If you've followed me for a while you might remember that I'm a fan of this Word of The Year System. I still love choosing an overall word for the year but I am going to be putting down some very concrete resolutions and time lines this…Read more

You might say I'm a dreamer... but I'm not the only one!

It's true!

California native, Tiff Jimber and I dreamed... and drove all over CA together on our California Dreamers Tour a few weeks ago!

You can see all the cities we hit in this tour poster

The tour was an insane amount of fun and I can't wait to head back on the road with Tiff soon! Check out her music here:

Check out some, okay a LOT of photos from one of our first shows on the tour at Cold Spring Tavern in Santa Barbara. Tiff and I started accompanying each other with percussion…Read more

Scramble, Rock and Roll… or how I learned that eggs come from chickens and not the corner deli.

Every year, my grade school would take a trip to a farm in upstate NY. We would stand in line and briefly take our turn milking a cow in machine-like precession before holding a baby chick, petting a goat and getting back on the bus… That was about the extent of my connection to animals, the great outdoors and any sense of where my food came from. 
Growing up in NYC in the 80’s you didn’t often have a feeling of connection and gratitude to nature or a sense of responsibility to care for it. In fact, I really…Read more

Streetlamp Musician Radio Campaign Kickstarter is 106% Funded! Thank YOU!!

This "radio" I made says it best...

Couldn't have done it with out you all! We raised $5,660! Even with all of the fee's and a few pledges that didn't come through we still have over $5000 which is exactly what I needed to get this campaign off the ground.

A very special thanks to my "Name in Lights" pledgers: Peter Kemp and Allen Barth!! You guys are always supportive and I really appreciate your notes of encouragement always. :) Thank you!