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Last Minute Mothers Day Gifts for Music Loving Mamas 

If you’re a new parent or just behind on Mothers Day and haven’t sorted out a gift for the mama in your life I have you covered with some amazing gifts for music loving moms. 

Some of these are instant gifts and others will depend on your delivery times. There’s even one that’s custom made by yours truly. Check them all out below.

Vinyl Of The Month Club    
How fun is this? Get them a subscription to this Vinyl Of The Month club and they will get a new must-have vinyl every month. If anyone wants to send…

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7 things I’ve learned in 7+ months of motherhood 

With Mother’s Day coming up next weekend I thought I would share that I’ve learned since Emery made me a mom just over 7 months ago. If you’re a mom I know you’re short on free time and I’m writing this as she contact naps so I’ll get right into it… 

1. You need wayyy less than you think

We didn’t buy much for Emery, a few friends gave us some hand-me-downs which was AMAZING, I bought or picked up some key pieces of gear through Facebook marketplace and give-and-take groups in our community and I registered…

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3 Easy Earth Friendly Cleaning Products for Earth Day 

Happy Earth Day!! Y'all know I love nature and try to make small choices every day to lower my impact on the planet. This hit even closer to home these days. As a new mom I want my daughter to be able to appreciate all the beauty of mother nature. From the Great Barrier Reef to the Rainforests of Brazil… 

Here I am enjoying these beautiful trees in Kauai with the little peanut in my belly about a year ago :)

It may feel like the little things you do don't really make a difference but I truly believe that if…

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How I use CBD and reviews of three Uncle Bud's CBD products 

As a singer I’m always looking for an edge with my health and wellness. My voice is a direct reflection of how I’m feeling physically and emotionally. It’s often the first place I’ll that notice something is off and I’m not in optimal health. 

It doesn’t help that a career as a singer is often stressful and more emotionally exhausting than an average job. There are so many ups and downs, performance nerves and even just the vulnerability of opening up and connecting to an audience can take a lot out of you…

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5 Ways To Pick Yourself Up After Repeated Rejection  

I wrote this for myself recently when I was feeling defeated after a series of rejections, stalled projects and expectations not met. I was down and trying to lift myself up by writing advice I imagined I would give a friend. It worked and help me start to gather momentum back and be hopeful again. It’s written with artists in mind but this is all good advice for anyone feeling a bit defeated. Sending love. - Natalie 

Hearing no once or twice or being rejected by an opportunity when you know more are always…

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