“2020” Single Release Garners Press Praise

If you haven’t watched the music video for Natalie’s new single “2020” what are you waiting for? Watch it now... 

The song and video have been well received by fans and press. Here’s a few quotes and links to check it out. Apple Music added it to their Hit Reset playlist too! 

Music Friday Live - “My favorite song for the new year, however, is about the old year, “2020” by Natalie Gelman. It is joyful, addictive, funny, and just what we need to wave a musical goodbye to 2020 with an upraised middle finger.”

Recording Artist Guild - “Songwriter Natalie Gelman just dropped a song we all really needed. Can we undo 2020 in 2021? Do any of us know? We don't but damn this song really helps.”

RGM Magazine - “Natalie Gelman’s latest release is simply a breath of fresh air during toxicity. All wrapped up in an ear-worm chorus, ‘2020‘ catapults its way into your heart and stays there.”

York Calling - “An appropriate farewell to the year that wasn’t. In a folksy-pop style a little reminiscent of Taylor Swift, Natalie calls out Covid deniers while self-deprecatingly spelling out her own plans that have been derailed. It’s all wrapped up into an earworm chorus that you’ll sing into the new year.”

Unheard Gems - “A light and cheery presentation of how we have all been coping with this year”